Life Groups meet on Sundays at 9:45 AM. If you are not already part of a group, please join one.
Let's do life together.



Teacher: Tim Yancey
CoEd 25+
Meets in AWANA room on LEFT side.

Teacher: Rene & Amy Flournoy
Singles 18-26
Meets in B102

Teacher: Topher Lucas
Young Married
Meets in B217

Teacher: Jason Yarbrough
CoEd 65+
Meets in A123

Teacher: Gerald Starling
CoEd 60+
Meets in B215 & YouTube

Teacher: Chris Murphy and Ron Johnston
CoEd 35+
Meets in AWANA room on LEFT side.

Teacher: Jim Wilson
CoEd 25+
Meets in A120/Kids Hall

Teacher: Lynn Browning
Ladies 30+
Meets in Conf Room

Teacher: Rick Kovaleski
CoEd 50+
Meets in AWANA room on RIGHT side.

Teacher: Robin Murphy
CoEd 50+
Meets in Choir Room

Teacher: Salo Loyola, David Quintero
Meets in B110

Teacher: Karina Stegall, Bridelka Ramirez
Meets in B103


Teacher: Cathy and Bill Graham
Jennifer Yarbrough
Meets in A101/Caterpillars

Teacher: Rebecca Spivey & Becky Smith
Meets in A107/Lions

Teacher: Johanna McConnell, Tonya Renfroe
Meets in A111/Bears


Teacher: Tammy Mosley, Christy Wilson
Meets in ORANGE Room

Teacher: Emily Compton, Jeremiah Bray
Meets in GREEN Room

Teacher: Caroline Mason, Chandler Murphy
Meets in BLUE Room


Teacher: Brian Smith, Mike Neel
Meets in B121

Teacher: Amy McAdams, Christy Whatley
Meets in B116

Teacher: Chad Barnett, Nathan Wood
Meets in B123

Teacher: Judy Johnston, Katie Barnett
Meets in B120