Romans 8
RECHARGE:  Freedom – Walking in God’s GraceRomans 8:1-171.      Remember HOW we are set free.     vs.1-4

-Our Condition:

·  FALLEN in sin

·  FAR from God

·  FEARFUL of judgement

-His Response:

·  A perfect PLAN

·  A perfect PERSON

2.      Remember WHAT we are set free from.     vs.5-11

-Freedom from the CHAINS of SIN

·  It cannot CLAIM you

·  It cannot CONDEMN you

·  It cannot CONTROL you

-Freedom from the STRAIN of LEGALISM

The ABC’s of grace:




3.      Remember WHY we are set free.     vs.12-17

·  To SHARE IN the RICHES of our King

·  To SHARE OF the RICHES of our King