My Story

‘I am LETTING Others Know’


Scripture reference:  John 9:8-11

The neighbors and those who had seen him before as a beggar were saying, “Is this not the man who used to sit and beg?” Some said, “It is he.” Others said, “No, but he is like him.” He kept saying, “I am the man.” 10 So they said to him, “Then how were your eyes opened?” 11 He answered, “The man called Jesus made mud and anointed my eyes and said to me, ‘Go to Siloam and wash.’ So I went and washed and received my sight.”


  1. Your story is UNIQUE.                 9:1


  1. Your story is PURPOSEFUL.                 9:2-7


  1. Your story is POWERFUL.
  • When shared, it INFLUENCES vs.9:8-12
  • When shared, it INFURIATES vs. 9:13-17; 27-28
  • When shared, it INCREASES our faith. 9:25; 30-33


  1. Your story is NOT FINISHED! 9:35-38